Tammy Dunnaway

Raised by an Army Veteran, Baptist Preacher, and Business Man my Daddy led by example as a Servant of God; therefore, I was not only created, I was destined to serve those in need!  From church, to community, to nonprofit organizations, my life’s purpose continues to be fulfilled by helping others—at their point of need.  While actively involved with my church, serving as the Patient Experience Coordinator at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, and making the most of every moment with my aging parents, I stay before our Lord to show me every opportunity to maximize my God given abilities to help others! CROSSing Paths, Inc. was divinely given to me as the ministry that was missing in my life, to help the elderly and veterans in practical meaningful ways to have a better life—one that increases their ability to function day-to-day!  I am excited, inspired, and thankful to be a part of CROSSing Paths, Inc!  God is magnificently omnipresent in this mission.

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