Tiffani Hinds

Tiffani Hinds is a native to Panama City and is currently serving as Director of School Operations at St. John Catholic School. Tiffani earned her undergraduate and Masters in Business Administration degrees from FSU-Panama City. She has demonstrated a heart for her community by serving as a foster parent for over five years and providing a loving home to twenty children during that time.  Tiffani and her husband, Paul, adopted one child privately and six children from foster care, some with special needs. Despite all odds, they were blessed with their eighth child in 2013.  Tiffani is a member of numerous community organizations and serves on many local boards and advisory councils.  In addition, she has been awarded several local honors including being recognized as a FSU Notable ‘Nole, Northwest Florida Woman of Distinction Honoree (social services), recipient of the Florida Adoptive Parent of the Year Award, and is a past Jefferson Award Nominee.