Recently Crossing Paths, Inc. received a request from a caregiver of an elderly homebound woman, requesting a step-riser for the front porch and doorway of the elderly woman's home so that they could get her in and out with her wheelchair more easily.   Crossing Paths, Inc. was able to partner with the Lynn Haven Church's Hardly Able Crew to respond promptly to this call for assistance.  This expression of gratitude came from the caregiver who is finding her work much easier with the access step-risers!  "A BIG thank you to those of you who blessed Mrs. Mary and her caregiver, Lucy, with the beautiful wheel-chair ramp!  We love it!  Blessings to all who made it possible!  Lucy and Mary"

Pat Sabiston, Executive Director

"I had observed in Diana Burkett and CCDF an approach to ministry that was very similar to my own, but with different target populations.  After talking to her I recognized that this was a ministry that was needed in Bay County.  I am delighted that CROSSing Paths, under the leadership of Pat Sabiston, will be providing this vital service to individuals in our community."

Cathy Byrd, MS CRSS
Parish Counselor & Case Manager
Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.
Christian Educator and Life Recovery Counselor

"Raised by an Army Veteran, Baptist Preacher, and Business Man who led by example as a Servant of God, I was not only created, I was destined to serve those in need!  From church, to community, to nonprofit organizations-my life's purpose continues to be fulfilled by helping others-at their point of need.

While actively involved with my church, serving in the Children's Ministry and serving the patients and guests at GCRMC as the Patient Experience Coordinator-I've known there is MORE that God wants me to DO!  I have been in constant prayer and communication with our Lord asking Him to show me every opportunity to maximize my God given abilities to help others!

The Lord hears and answers prayers!  He knows our hearts and He's delighted by our desire to do His will.  Only God could so masterfully prepare every aspect of His perfect design in individuals and then bring them together!  God in His Omnipotence simultaneously revealed the need for CROSSing Paths to Pat Sabiston-giving her the vision and blueprint and then directed her to contact me-His daughter whose heart is tender and ready to serve!  When Pat called me and shared the ministry God has given her, I knew immediately-this was the answer to my prayers!  YES, I said, I'm IN!

CROSSing PATHS is the opportunity to follow God's Word with an open heart (and hands!) to help the poor in incredibly meaningful ways! Deuteronomy 15:7-11.  I am excited, inspired, and thankful to be a part of CROSSing Paths!"

Tammy Teresa Dunaway, M.S.
Patient Experience Coordinator
Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center

"It is with great pleasure to share with our neighbors in Bay county the model that we use to help our elderly, veterans and disabled here in Gulf County through the Christian Community Development Fund. I pray God will bless you as he has blessed us with your organization, may you always keep your eyes focused on him and let him direct your path to accomplish his will  in your community for those less fortunate. James 2:15-16."

In his service
Diana Burkett
Executive Director
Christian Community Development Fund