Who is Eligible for Help?

Consideration of applications will be given based on being referred by a local, certified/qualified referral source and meeting the criteria for assistance, which is:  Low, or very low income homeowners who are elderly; individuals with disabilities; and veterans needing assistive or adaptive modifications for “Activities of Daily Living."

Can Anyone Apply?

Assistance is offered without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, or gender; however, assistance is limited to low, and very low income households that are owner-occupied in Bay County.  (Note:  Areas adjacent to Bay county, within 15 miles, may be considered provided that adequate resources and volunteers are enlisted.)

What is the Income Criteria to Qualify for Assistance?

$25,000 per year, or less, of household income.

How Can a Referral for Assistance be Initiated?

Various agencies will be trained referring partners, approved to screen and refer individuals for assistance.  Currently, these include, but are not limited to:  The Bay County Council on Aging, The Disability Resource Center, and the Saint Andrew Bay Center.  NOTE:  * No individual can “self refer” for this program.

What Kind of Assistance can be Provided?

Entry ramps, handicapped accessible showers, safety bars in bathrooms, flooring repairs, widening doorways, locks and door/window repairs, to name just a few.

How is an Approved Project Funded?

Foundation grants, individual donations, financial support from civic groups, churches, and service/civic groups.  (* We will not accept State or Federal funding.)  We limit the amount spent on a single-address project to $1,000/cost of materials.

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