Who is Eligible for Help?

Consideration of applications will be given based on being referred by a local, certified/qualified referral source and meeting the criteria for assistance, which is:  Low, or very low income homeowners who are elderly; individuals with disabilities; and veterans needing assistive or adaptive modifications for “Activities of Daily Living."

Can Anyone Apply?

Assistance is offered without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, or gender; however, assistance is limited to low, and very low income households that are owner-occupied in Bay County.  (Note:  Areas adjacent to Bay county, within 15 miles, may be considered provided that adequate resources and volunteers are enlisted.)

What is the Income Criteria to Qualify for Assistance?

$25,000 per year, or less, of household income.

How Can a Referral for Assistance be Initiated?

Various agencies will be trained referring partners, approved to screen and refer individuals for assistance.  Currently, these include, but are not limited to:  The Bay County Council on Aging, The Disability Resource Center, and the Saint Andrew Bay Center.  NOTE:  * No individual can “self refer” for this program.

What Kind of Assistance can be Provided?

Entry ramps leading into homes and safety bars are installed in bathrooms.

How is an Approved Project Funded?

We try to limit the amount spent on a single-address project to $1,000/cost of materials.

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